Cool Party Ideas

Here are some neat party ideas from all over the world, check them out and feel free to WOW everyone at your next family or friends get-together:

1. Make a refreshing Watermelon Shark! It is simple to make and you can get step-by-step instructions by clicking on the image below:

Watermelon Shark


2. Crabby (yet cute) Sandwiches – easy to make out of delicious croissants. Bring these to a beach picnic for everyone to enjoy. Click the image to get detailed instructions:

Crabby Sandwiches


3. Octopus Hod Dogs – these are as much fun as string cheese, and are very easy to make. Turn ordinary hot dogs into fun octopuses, and serve them at a kids’ birthday party. You can probably easily figure out how to make ’em, but just in case you want expert tips, click the image below:



4. At the last party I went to I saw a very cool idea for giving out “party favors.”

They had a Party Favor Bar – basically a table with small gift bags on it, surrounded by a bunch of various candy bags and jars. Each jar had either a spoon or tongs in it, so that kids could scoop out the candy that they wanted into their party favor bag. Brilliant!

Needless to say, this was a hit with adults too!

Here is a similar concept for handing out party favors, along with some more ideas along the same lines (click on the photo):

Party Favors


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