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Here are some Christmas Party Ideas that are easy and fun to do. Some are perfect for 8-10 people, while others are great for larger crowds:

1. A cookie exchange party: everyone brings 2 dosen cookies for the party, along with the recipes…ask everyone to bring something unique (i.e. no chocolate chip cookies). Set out everyone’s cookies on a table and after the party, everyone gets a bag full of different kinds of cookies from the party (be sure to have recipes handy to give out along with the treats).

2. An ugly Christmas sweater party: everyone wears the ugliest Christmas sweater they own, or any ugly outfit for that matter. This is where you whip out your camera and take unforgettable pictures!

3. Christmas songs karaoke party: this will get everyone participating – from kids to grandparents! Have everyone bring an appetizer and serve some drinks to get your guests into a festive singing mood.

4. Have guests dress up as Christmas characters: this is open to ideas, but a great place to start is with classic Christmas characters from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Scrooge,” “A Christmas Story” and the like.

5. Set up a homemade photo booth in the spirit of Christmas: here you can take memorable pictures with your friends and family. You can also make papier-mâché characters with cut out opening for faces, or decorate the booth with tons of garlands and snowflakes…this project will let you be as creative as you want.

6. Do a white-elephant gift swap: everyone brings a gift that cost no more than $XX.00 (pre-determined on invitations). People draw numbers from a hat that tells them what order they will get to pick a gift in, at which point they decide whether they get an unknown (and exciting!) present or “steal” a present from someone who went before them.

7. Solve a murder mystery in a role-playing game: this game is a lot of fun to play, because everyone runs around looking for clues while socializing with strangers along the way. It’s perfect for large crowds of people who may not all know each other. Remember to hide your clues in obvious places like under the chairs, napkins and cups.

8. A snoflake-cookie making party: this is where everyone brings their kids and lets them all participate in cookie-making at once. Snowflake-shaped cookies are a good choice that fits the season, and they can be easily decorated by kids.

9. Meet Santa – at your house! This is a fun block party idea where you get a parent dressed up as Santa and all the kids in the eighborhood can come over and meet him.

10. Progressive Dinner Party: ideal for 8 to 10 people/couples as everyone participates by serving one course of the dinner along with drinks at their house. The party starts out in one house and moves to other houses throughout the night. It’s an out of the box idea that is actually quite fun!

11. Christmas movie night party: everyone can wear pajamas to feel relaxed and and at home. All your guests will get together to watch a Christmas movie, and enjoy some snacks (like milk and cookies). Be sure to have plenty of cushions, pillow and blankets on hand, or ask your guests to bring their own!

12. Throw a caroling party! If you don’t want to go to strangers’ homes, visit your friends’ and relatives’ houses with a caroling crew that will put them into a very merry holiday spirit!

Balloons of All Shapes and Colors!

On October 18, 2011, in Holiday Themes, by admin

When you get invited to a party in Grants Pass, you always want to make sure that your gift is unique, right? It is the same way with balloons – you can’t just hop over to a grocery store and find a balloon that doesn’t look like it came from a grocery store. Nothing against grocery stores, but we just love going above and beyond the norm when it comes to balloons, and always strive to help our customers make their occasion even more special!

We want your balloons to really stand out as a unique gift on their own, which is why we stock up on some of the coolest balloons you’ll find in the area.

Balloon bouquets are very popular these days – here is just an example of what we can make for you:

Balloons in Grants Pass

It’s true – All About Parties has one of the biggest assortments of balloons – and everyone loves them! From Disney characters, princesses, and animal print, to polka dots, solid colors, and sparkling patterns, we’ve got balloons to satisfy any taste. We make balloon bouquets that fit YOUR party and leave the recipient truly impressed.

These are not just for kids’ parties – balloons are a great way to dress up ANY party. Bachelorette parties can use zebra or leopard print balloons; casino nights use a variation of green and black bouquets; and baby showers use tender pink or blue with white color mixed in.

Nothing says “it’s a party!” like a tasteful selection of helium-filled balloons to decorate the space. These are great indoors and outside, for formal occasions and informal gatherings. Just stop by and see us and we will help you choose the best balloons for your party!

Lots of new things at the store:

Halloween is right around the corner, and there are lots of spooky items at All About Parties! Here, we have skeletons, bloody fingers, pumpkin-colored and themed decorations, spiders, cool pinatas, and pretty much everything that you’ll need to make your Halloween party amazing!

Also in store – Wilton cake decoration kits and products. The latest trend is to make memorable cakes and cupcakes, which you can easily do with Wilton products. Oh, by the way – we’ve got 3D cake pans that you can buy or rent, and use in making the next birthday cake for your friends or family.

Wilton has lots of neat ideas on their website, like this Mischievous Monster Cake that you can make by using our 3D skull cake pan:

We hope you’ll come by and see us soon, so we can help you enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season!