Valentine’s Day is when many couples get engaged, and set the date for their Big Day (i.e. Wedding). So, when exactly is officially the “Wedding Season” here in Oregon?

The warmer months of the year, starting in late March and ending in early November are the best months to get married. Interestingly enough, October has recently taken over June as the most popular month for weddings. In October, you can still catch some sun for an outdoor wedding in hotter climates, or set up a wedding tent in colder areas.

As far as outdoor weddings go here in Oregon, the most popular places for a reception are:

1. Wineries (we have many beautiful wineries in Southern Oregon)
2. Private backyards and orchards
3. Public parks (check with your local City about reserving space)
4. Your own backyard

Once you pinpoint a perfect location for your wedding reception, you can start figuring out how to decorate it (among other things, like buying a dress and sending out invitations). This is the exciting part, where you and your wedding planner (or mom/friend) get to come up with ideas to make it into everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Planning Your Wedding Reception:

Step One: Rent a wedding tent (be sure to reserve yours early!)

Step Two: Make a quick sketch (to scale) of your tent on a piece of paper

Step Three: Based on the number of guests you are expecting, figure out the best arrangement of tables and chairs

Step Four: Leave enough room for the band or DJ, a photo booth, and maybe even a dance area

Step Five: Decorate! Here you get to include draped ceilings, floral arrangements, lanterns, balloons, select the colors of your tablecloths and linens, tableware and centerpieces, just to name a few.

It takes six to nine months to plan a wedding, and we are here to help you find everything you need to make your Big Day amazing and memorable! Come visit us at All About Parties in Grants Pass, and we will help take the stress out of planning your wedding.